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Where to buy the Disney NFT collection 2022?

Disney NFT collection is the latest most-desired digital collectible in 2022. From teenagers to adults, everyone is interested in buying NFTs of their favorite Disney characters. It is safe to say that every single individual is in a battle to grab the rarest Disney NFT as soon as they can.

The Disney NFT collection dropped in November 2021 in partnership with the VeVe app, an NFT platform with the best collections from big brands. Before Disney, VeVe was partners with Marvel, and many Marvel-related digital collectibles were dropped last year, which are now worth thousands of dollars. 

Since the VeVe app is the official partner of Disney, all the Disney NFT collections are airdropped on the platform and nowhere else.  

Currently, Disney has released many NFT collections on the VeVe app including the Mickey Mouse NFT collection, Pixar Pals, Disney Villains, and Golden Moments. Each NFT features exclusive benefits and unique features that make them stand out from one another. So, those who want to buy a Disney NFT have to download the app and make an account to buy it.

VeVe app is a user-friendly app and doesn’t require individuals to have digital currency to purchase NFTs. Instead, it has its own currency called GEM that people can buy by converting the physical currency; 1 dollar is equal to 1 GEM. So, if a Disney NFT is for 60 gems, you need to first purchase gems through your credit card and then buy them. 

Furthermore, the VeVe app sells NFTs in the blind box format, which means only lucky ones can pull a rare or ultra rare Disney NFT. This not only ensures equal distribution but also everyone gets to mint one Disney NFT at the same price. 

Disney has been releasing many NFTs for the past months, including Golden Moments Valentine’s Day and Disney Duos NFTs. Although all of them are sold out, you might find some up for sale in the secondary market. 

Disney NFTs are only available on the VeVe app and nowhere else. Every time a new Disney NFT collection is about to drop, Veve announces it through its app. People can set reminders and wait for the official release to grab the rare NFTs. 

VeVe marketplace doesn’t have a browser website, like OpenSea. It is only available on the App Store and Playstore. If you want to buy a Disney NFT, download the app on your iOS or Android device. 

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