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The best tool for anonymous transactions

Active transformations of society covered the most diverse spheres of human life, in particular, from the perspective of virtual communication. The constant use of Internet technologies has become an integral part of the activity and communication of an individual in many dimensions of his self-realization. Check how to keep transactions anonymous in the blockchain right now!

How to use Bitcoins anonymously?

Maximally reliable provision of anonymity is a complex and complex task that includes many different factors, and many services solve this problem only partially. A number of cases of user identification are known even in the TOR network, which is often positioned as the most secure. In addition, many VPN providers may intentionally track and store a user’s activity history and then provide it upon request by government agencies.

If you’re going to explore Bitcoin, there are a few things you should know. With Bitcoin, you can exchange money in a way that is different from traditional banking. Therefore, before using Bitcoin in any serious money transaction, please read carefully about how Bitcoin works. Bitcoin should be treated with the same care as your wallet and, in some cases, even more!

How to safely mix your cryptocurrency funds?

A coin mixer, also called a bitcoin mixer or a cryptocurrency tumbler, is a tool that allows users to “mix” their cryptocurrency funds with those of other users in order to hide the source and purpose of the transaction.

Among the main advantages of Bitcoin mixers are the following:

  • All Bitcoin transactions are recorded in a public ledger (blockchain).
  • This system is completely transparent, which eliminates the possibility of corrupt practices in the network, as well as peer-to-peer, which means that the authorities or other structures cannot control it.
  • A coin mixer takes a user’s cryptocurrency and mixes it with other users’ cryptocurrencies.

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